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    can you let me knw why the downloads and streams are so slow ? I have fast internet and 1 vid will take over an hour. im in the uk and using firefox browser,???

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    Hi, could you please be more specific – ie which site are you trying to download the videos from, what is the file size of the video etc?

    For an instance, downloading a 159.26MB video from AmateurLapdancer takes me approximately 14 minutes and my download speed is 23.46 Mbps [measured at], so the 14 minutes of elapsed time for a video of that size is relatively normal.


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    all he sites the download speed is between 50 – 60 kb per sec with an expected time of 1 hr 16 mins speed test download speed 383 mbps upload 33.5 mps

    please can you fix it or refund me


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    And what browser are you using may I ask? It’s honestly weird that the downloads are taking that long for you given the measured download speed.

    Anyways if we don’t work this through, you can choose to cancel your subscription at

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