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    All the CandidLooks sites are included in the CandidLooks Pass membership?
    Yes – all of them.

    What are the CandidLooks sites?
    The list of all the current sites is here:

    When I have a membership, can I stream and download all the content without limitation?
    Yes – all the content on all the CandidLooks sites comes fully included in the standard membership.
    No tricks, no “tickets”, no limitations on download or streaming – just one simple membership to enjoy it all.

    Is your content HD?
    Yes, all the new content, and the content published circa in the last couple of years, is HD.

    My credit card was not approved. What should I do?
    Throw it away and get a better card, NOW! (No, just kidding – we are sorry about that. Read the next questions)

    What are some other alternative payment methods you accept?
    We use a couple of different payment processors to approve our membership payments (a payment processor is a reputable company that handles online transactions in a secure way.)
    The default processor we use is CCBill – but if that does not work with you, you can pay with Verotel instead, at this URL:
    (no matter what method you use to pay, the membership you are buying is exactly the same)

    I tried what above, but I am still unable to buy a membership. What should I do?
    No worries – just drop us a line using this form – we’ll help you.

    I joined because I was interested in site X . Now I want to see the content on site Y. What should I do?
    Absolutely nothing – you are already setup, with the membership you already have. Just use the same login and password on any CandidLooks site (the list is at – any site will let you login and give you full access without paying an extra dime.)

    How can I cancel my existing membership?
    On the email you received when you subscribed, there is a direct link to cancel your membership. If you have lost the subscription email, please use the contact form to get in touch and we’ll help.

    I have just joined but my login isn’t working. Help!
    Occasionally, it may take a couple of minutes for your credit card to be approved and for your membership to become active. If you have joined more than five minutes ago, and have already received the confirmation email – and your login is still not working, then please see the next question…

    I have joined more than five minutes ago and I can’t login.
    Have you cHeCkEd tHe CaSe of your login/password? As trivial as it seems, this is by far the #1 issue with login problems. If you are still having issues, please send us your login so we can take a look and help you.

    My login was working perfectly until yesterday, and I was having a great time. Now, though, it doesn’t work anymore. Help!
    Perhaps your membership is expired and did not get renewed. This may happen if your card fails to rebill – in which case you are of course welcome to join again now.
    If your membership is still valid, chances are that your credentials got compromised: if someone else had access to your login details, and he/she shared them on the internet, the login gets automatically blacklisted for security reasons. If this is the case, let us know and we will just supply new credentials for you.

    I have problems streaming videos, what can I do?
    When you are logged as a member and click the Play icon, the player should start streaming.
    Please note that:
    1. depending on the speed of your connection and other factors, the playing might start immediately or it can take a couple of seconds to buffer
    2. if you are using an adblocker, your adblocker might occasionally mistake a video for an ‘advertisement’ and try to prevent it from loading. (It should happen very rarely, but if that happens the solution is to just add the site to the adblocker’s whitelist)
    3. some very old browsers might have trouble with playing videos. It’s a good idea to always keep your browser up-to-date.
    4. if you have a lot of windows/tabs open at the same time, your browser might eat up your system’s memory and cause slowness and other problems. If that happens, the suggestion is to close all your tabs one by one, then restart your browser.
    If you have checked what above and still are experiencing problems, please drop us a mail using the form on this website – we’ll make sure to help you further!

    I can’t find the answer to my question here – where i can contact you?
    You can use this form to contact us

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